How to Make Your Floor Brand-New

Whether commercial, residential or industrial vinyl tile or any other floor, refinishing services always bring out a remarkable difference in the appearance of your old floor. A small change uplifts the entire look of your space, to a much cleaner and neater surrounding.

Of course, a maintained, hygienic and a dirt-free floor tells a lot about your company, office or home’s environment.

Dry vacuuming, rinsing, washing, and scrubbing will only put a strain on your back and make you extremely wary. Finally, stubborn grime and dirt win the battle and your floor doesn’t glow as you expected!

Reaching out to a licensed, Floor Stripping and Waxing Service in Alpharetta GA will guarantee long-term results so that your floor shines bright, giving that chic look that you see in extravagant hotel lobbies!

Astonishing Results of Floor Stripping and Waxing

Surprising difference is seen before and after the use of Floor Stripping and Waxing. A standard process would involve emulsifier application, which dissolves the old finish efficiently. Special scrubbing machines scrub open floor spaces, to remove filth and previous finish.

Significantly, detailed, manual scrubbing of wall edges, corners, and door jamb areas is also done along with wet vacuuming. Rinsing and mopping at last, with a floor neutralizer, make your floor dazzle in no time!

Hard Flooring such as vinyl composite tile certainly requires very special attention. Experts having proper technical expertise are able to remove the previous dull finish, which always looked untidy even when it’s not!

Careful application a coat of durable finish aids in accomplishing a renewed, glistening and protective high-gloss shine.


The procedure of Floor Stripping will not just make your floor look exquisite, but it will also increase the age of your floor. With decades of experience, professionals can tell floors that have been coated with layers of polyurethane, which is not good at all!

What To Do Before the Process Starts?

A suggestion for you is before the experts arrive, thorough pre-sweeping or dry vacuuming of the areas to be stripped and waxed is highly recommended. Corners and hard to get areas must be paid attention to.

Friendly and co-operative staff wouldn’t even mind helping you move furniture and electronics!

Bring Back the Sparkle by Hiring Professionals

The quoted price given by professional would be based upon the current condition of the floor, onsite logistics involved or any special setup, the location of the particular project along with the measurements of the floor.

For first-time customers, special discounts, customized packages, and complimentary consultation are given by experienced staff. Having vast cognizance related to floors whether marble, cork or laminate your desire to get a sparkly floor isn’t tough anymore.

There’s nothing wrong having queries about what step-by-step process is used, and how many coats of wax you’ll be getting under the price tag! You shouldn’t be double-minded about hiring a trustworthy, and a reliable team. A certified, prolific strip and wax company will clear all your doubts with facts. As they standing by both, their word and task, to please customers!

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