7 Most Effective Tips For Removing A Bee hive Without Killing

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Bees are a wonder of nature that has been assigned a lot of responsibilities such as making honey and pollinating the plants. This is a great way to develop new plants and species. The nectar of plants is collected and turned into sweet honey which is then deposited in small pockets and covered with wax in a beehive. 


However, these beneficial insects can be harmful to humans if they feel insecure and decide to attack. A bee sting is extremely painful and has poisonous chemicals that can be injurious depending on the number of bees that got to the skin. There are a number of categories in bees such as bumblebees, honey bees, carpenter bees, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets and ground bees, however, the type of hive honey bees create is very unique. 


They have a defense system that is very strong and they will not let you near the nest easily. Honey bees are not willing to hurt you but if they think you are coming in their way, they will definitely attack. Most of the techniques used by honey bee removal services are based on the idea of relocating them and not killing this unique creation of mother nature. Let us have a close look at some useful tips that can help you remove the beehives: 


  • Smoking the bees away

Using the smoke to take the bees away from your house is an ancient technique that still is considered easy and interesting. If you are going to smoke them out, this is a better way to make them leave without being hostile. If they attack in seeing you, then make sure that you are prepared. 


  • Soapy water is also good

It is strange but true that a soapy solution made of water and any detergent or soap will destroy some of the beehives and will make the bees leave that place. Make sure you remove all the traces of hive and honey once the bees go away.

  • Eliminate water based embellishments

Water is an attraction for bees as they think a place having more water will have more plants and flowers. Unfortunately, that can be your pools and fountains; dry out these spaces if you want the bees to leave easily.


  • Use certain products to repel them 

Any kind of products available in the market that helps you deal with the honey bees is quite effective. The use of such items can help you prevent the bees and hives. Close and cover up holes and gaps so that the bees do not get any space to hide. 


  • Entice the bees for some other place

In order to help bees, find a new home you can plant some sugar based liquid away from your house so that they get attracted to that area and leave your house. This process is usually called relocating the bees because we must try not to kill them unless inevitable.


Avoid injury through making them unable to fly for a while

An expert honey bee removal company will make sure that you reduce the strengths of bees before dealing with them. One essential element is the speed of these amazing creatures when you try to run away, they will be able to get you. Slow them down so that we can direct them to a safe place and avoid getting stung. A spray of the mixture made of oil, water, and vinegar is a great way to burden them down. 

  • Just throw the hive down

In case there is a light hive that has thin walls, you can just knock it off the wall but make sure that all the protective gear is on your body. The bee will definitely be irritated and attack you. Try to stay safe until the bees leave the place. 


The final word about these extraordinary creatures is that we need them in our ecosystem. That is why the extermination of the insects should not be a plan just remove the hive and let them settle down in some other place. Call the experts and let them take care of the matter in a professional manner. 

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