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Window film can be considered as one of the car essentials if you are living in a warm region. Such regions are affected by scorching heat which can burn the insides of the car. It becomes impossible to sit on the hot seats or touch anything inside the car. You are unable to drive the car as well unless it cools down and becomes bearable. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the interiors of the car as well as protect your body. Few cars come with factory-installed tint, whereas; for others, you have to get the window tint installed in your cars for heat reduction. 

Window tint is not only useful for cars but also helps in controlling the heat waves hitting your home. you can get your home windows tinted as well. however, you should follow the state rules whenever you are getting your car or home windows tinted. Even though you might like darker tints, some states do not allow such variations of window tints. For installation of Window Tint in San Antonio TX, you can contact local experts who are familiar with the state regulations and they can guide you properly. 

You can get the best heat-reflective window tint for your car by following these tips.

Window Tints

Some window tints come in pre-cut portions that help you in installation. Otherwise, if you buy other tinted films then you have to get them cut from professionals or cut them yourself. If you are buying pre-cut tints for your car then you can install them on your own. You just have to stick the pieces to the car windows. 

For car windows, pre-cut tint comes in boxes that contain films for front and rear windows as well as side mirrors. Some companies also provide squeegee with the box for easy installation. These pre-cut window tints are durable as well as scratch-resistant. Some films come with non-reflective surfaces that can block almost all the ultra-violet rays. Moreover, pre-cut tints come in state-approved shades so you do not have to worry about the making and color of shade selected for your car. 

Benefits of Pre-Cut Tinted Film

Few of the benefits of purchasing pre-cut tinted film are given below:

  1. Pre-cut films are available for specific models, body types, make and year of manufacturing of the vehicle.
  2. The kit is complete for easy installation.
  3. It is scratch-resistant and UV resistant.
  4. There are many patterns available for the car model and type. 

Disadvantages of Pre-Cut Tinted Film

The read-to-install pre-cut tinted films are expensive. Moreover, some users also complained about the quick fading of the tint. 

Premium Coated Tinted Film

For intense heat of summer, you can use a premium coated tinted film. The film does not usually come in a pre-cut shape. You have to buy a whole roll and cut the sizes according to your window size. Home Window Tinting can also be performed by using premium films. Some premium coated films do not need separate glue or stick. These films bond with the windows statically. 

Various benefits of the premium tinted film include high-quality layers for scratch-resistance, efficient heat reflection, durability, no glue required, can be re-used.  However, these films do not come with a kit and a variety of shades is limited. 

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