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• If you’re passionate about writing, you have landed on the right platform. Adding on to your love for the writing, we provide you with a place where you can express your thought on home improvement through your blog post.
• We offer a wide range of categories to write about covering all the aspect of home improvement. See our menu bar to find various topics and write whatever you want the world to know. We welcome all the well-written guest blogs that are filled with impressive ideas and people find the most helpful.
• We only appreciate the original content that is complete and is not copied from elsewhere.
• To write for “Home and Guide”, you need to be passionate about the home décor and knows the modern trends.
• If you don’t like false about anything, sure your audience won’t like it too. Do not try!
• We offer you to submit the post with one category and up to 4 tags.
• The post should have sub-heading to make it easy to read.
• Internal links should be properly applied.
• Be patient, once you have submitted the post. We try to publish it as soon as possible.
• We suggest completing your profile. Also, submit only the valuable articles to meet the purpose and generate some leads.
• Do not attempt to submit an irrelevant post, improper titles, keywords failing as we are bound to remove the post or credits.

By submitting posts to homeandguides.com, you acknowledge that you have read our guest post guidelines and accept any form of editing done by the homeandGuides.com editorial team.

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To write a guest post for our home blog, follow the following guidelines:
1. Make a complete presentable profile.
2. Put the blog posts under the right category and with right tags.
3. No plagiarism.
4. The title must be under 55 to 60 characters.
5. Only one link should be placed in the body, no links to be placed in the title.
6. Remember! We do not accept promotional articles. In case you want to advertise, use our advertising services.
7. If you need a back-link support, contact us.
8. A link back to homeandguides.com from your blog will be appreciated and will help you to get faster approvals.
9. The article is found in the main category, will be removed or will be placed under sub-category with no backlink.
10. The article should be of a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 3000 words.
11. Please provide the SEO description, keywords and title for the home improvement article so that we can promote your article in a better way. (Don’t copy it from your article itself).
12. Submit the post with at least one image that should be created by you, preferably use copyright free images only.
13. Our editing team reserves the right to add text or hyperlinks to articles.
14. No errors, not promotional content, no restrict content.
15. We reserve the rights to publish the article on any of our partner’s blog

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